Uplift Empowering Dance Fitness

What is Uplift?


Uplift is an inclusive exercise program that brings people together in a positive environment.  It is fun and brings a connection to its participants.


Our empowering dance fitness classes incorporate a fusion of dance styles and the mini routines are easy to follow with options.
Dance workouts have no age limit and are a basic form of communication between mind and body, allowing expression. The integration of body and soul is key to a healthy lifestyle.
For years dance and exercise have been used as therapy and offer a creative and emotional outlet. Work at your own pace to reach your own goal whilst enjoying the process!


• Provides a cardiovascular workout
• Builds muscle and flexibility
• Allows individual expression
• Encourages confidence
• Improves motor skills (co-ordination)
• Allows joints to move freely through a range of motions
• Releases ‘feel good’ endorphins (improving mood)


Come and join us today!
• All ages, all sizes, all abilities welcome!
• Embrace your uniqueness and simply have fun!


Photos from our 1st year anniversary party!